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Triangles is a 360 degrees experience made during an art residency directed by Valtech Canada and Phi Center. The theme was Montreal of the future. My team ( Luisa Valencia, Carol Ribeiro and myself) have decided to talk about Montreal of the future using an iconic monument : the biosphere. Imagined by the visionary architect and designer Buckmintser Fuller, the biosphere brings principles about how living all together as one humanity is the solution for a better future. Also the biosphere has a strong meaning for Montreal has it is one of the rare vestige of Expo 67. This international event had a huge impacts on Montreal and was the starting point of the Montreal we know now : cosmopolite, creative and open minded.


Due to technical constraints, this project is not interactive. It has been shot by mini Eye 4 and the post production was mainly done with Premiere and After Effect with the help of Mettle pluggings. Regarding my contribution, my strong interests in Fuller's ideas brought me the initial concept. Therefore, I have worked on the scenario and the concept of the project. Regarding the postproduction , I have created and animated the middle part where you have the sphere structure that appears and reveals images linked to Fuller's ideas. I have also worked on transitions and special effects.


Phi Centre - Jardin de réalité virtuelle - February / March 2017
Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal - Nocturne - June 2017


Phi Centre

360 online version

Triangles - sphere

Triangles - sphere

Triangles - sphere